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Breast Cryoablation

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Breast Cryoablation in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Breast surgeons Dr. Linda Ann Smith and Dr. Anna Voltura at the Breast Surgery Associates of New Mexico are excited announce the introduction of cryoablation at the Albuquerque location. This is a minimally invasive treatment that is used for breast fibroadenomas.

While fibroadenomas is not a life-threatening condition, some patients may require treatment as the benign tumor may cause emotional distress, discomfort, or deformity. In the past, the only option was surgery, however, this minimally invasive treatment can be carried out in our clinic after administering local anesthesia. Approved by the FDA, using cryoablation to treat fibroadenomas has been in practice since 2010. This method has been used over 2,000 times to treat fibroadenomas.

How Does Cryoablation Work?

The process of cryoablation uses extreme cold to target a breast tumor. Through ultrasound, a metal probe is inserted in the tumor. Since there’s no incision required, the treatment requires no surgery. The thin metal probe is frozen to temperatures as low as -250F degrees. The extremely low temperature eradicates the breast tumor, all the while not harming the tissue surrounding the tumor. In addition, the procedure causes minimal scarring.

How Is The Procedure Performed At The Clinic?

The primary step involves the breast surgeon confirming the fibroadenoma’s presence through a breast ultrasound, examination, and needle biopsy. Once the presence is confirmed, we can schedule a cryoablation.

Dr. Voltura will confirm the presence of a fibroadenoma via examination, breast ultrasound and core needle biopsy. Once the patient is ready, a local anesthetic is injected and an ultrasound helps guide a thin 2mm metal probe into the center of the tumor. The extremely cold tip of the probe kills the tumor in about 15 minutes, after which the probe is removed and the patient can go back to living their life.  

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