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Human Resources

Our Physicians

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we understand that human resource management is a key ingredient affecting organizational competitiveness and our ability to fulfill our Company Mission:“To provide patient sensitive quality imaging with exceptional customer service through diverse settings.” Our employees are the internal strength of our company and provide the knowledge, skills, experience and dedication that make X-Ray Associates an employer of choice in the healthcare community. Good people like to work with good people. It is this friendly peer pressure for excellence which maintains our company culture of pride and accomplishment.

Employee Links

Medical and Pharmacy Benefits
This is an excellent website which can be used to review your medical claims, obtain information on fitness, articles on health, and to order additional insurance cards.This website also allows you to review your pharmacy claims, research drug pricing, refill mail order prescriptions and find the status of a mail order prescription.

Dental and Vision (link pending)Dental and vision claims can be reviewed on this website.

Vanguard 401K
By using this website, you can review your account, investment options, or change distribution of your money.

Useful Benefits Apps