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Women’s Imaging

Women’s Imaging

XRANM radiologists specializing in women’s imaging. Below is XRANM’s award winning team of Radiologists with expertise in Breast Imaging and Intervention. These are the state’s very best specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. They provide expert interpretation in mammography, as well as ultrasound and MRI of the breast. Many also have extensive experience in image-guided biopsy procedures, with an emphasis on both patient safety and comfort.

Gregory N. Brooks, M.D.

Margaret Chaffey M.D.

Christopher J. Creel, M.D.

Lawrence Dautenhahn, M.D.

Brigid M. Gerety, M.D.

Jamie G. Giesbrandt, MD


Alexander LoRusso M.D.

Dr. Kathryn Miller image

KAthryn Miller, MD

Anthony Miller M.D.

Richard S. Nenoff M.D.


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