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MRI Guided Breast Biopsy

What is an MRI guided biopsy?

X-ray Associates of NM was the first to offer this minimally invasive biopsy technique. MRI biopsy is performed in situations when an abnormal finding is detected on the MRI study but not convincingly seen on mammography or ultrasound.

The patient cannot have risk factors precluding MRI such as pacemaker or certain body devices. All patients are screened prior to MRI for risk factors. Potential risks of the biopsy procedure include bleeding and infection. This is explained in detail to the patient and consent obtained.

MRI Guided Breast Biopsy

How is it performed?

The patient is placed prone (on stomach) in the MRI machine with the affected breast lightly compressed. Generally, Gadolinium dye is then injected to confirm the abnormal site and its exact location. Following local numbing medicine and a small skin incision (about ¼ inches long), the biopsy needle is placed and samples removed through the needle. A clip is placed to mark the biopsy site.

How should I prepare?

The patient must refrain from strenuous activity for 24 hours.

How do i get the results?

After your study is over, the images will be evaluated by one of our board-certified radiologists with expertise in Women’s Imaging. Results are generally available in 24-48 hours and are phoned to the patient with recommendations for appropriate follow up. A final report will be sent to your doctor, who can discuss the results with you in detail. Should you have any questions regarding your MRI Guided Breast Biopsy, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Service Locations

MRI Guided Breast Biopsy is available at Alamogordo Imaging Center, Heights MRI Center, X-Ray Associates at Farmington and X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe.