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Diagnostic Mammography

What is diagnostic mammography?

A diagnostic mammogram is intended for women who have symptoms such as a lump, mass, discharge on their breasts. It is also used to further evaluate any abnormality that might have been detected on a Screening Mammogram.

In our practice, about 7-10% of women are recalled for additional workup after a Screening Mammogram. The great majority of these women will have a normal exam and are returned to annual follow-up. A small percentage will be recommended to have an early 6 month follow-up. An even smaller percentage will be diagnosed with breast cancer.


what should I expect?

This exam is done under the direct supervision of one of our board-certified radiologists. Special mammography views will be taken to analyze your symptoms or mammographic abnormality. In most cases, a Breast Ultrasound will be performed  in conjunction with the Diagnostic Mammogram to provide additional information.

How should I prepare for my exam?

  • Dress in a comfortable two piece outfit
  • Avoid wearing deodorant, powders or creams
  • Bring original films or CD of images of any previous mammograms performed at alternate facilities

When will i know my result?

At the completion of your workup, X-Ray Associates provides immediate results regarding your diagnostic mammogram and you will be given your results and recommendations either by a radiologist or technologist. You will also receive a written report in clear lay language within 2 to 5 working days.

Service Locations

Diagnostic Mammography is available at Alamogordo Imaging Center, Breast Imaging Center, X-Ray Associates at Farmington and X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe.