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Women’s Imaging Services in Santa Fe

As New Mexico’s radiology innovators, X-Ray Associates of New Mexico was the first clinical organization in the state to institute 360-degree imaging services for women.

Delivering diagnostic excellence to the state for over 60 years, our Breast Imaging Center in Albuquerque was the first to offer computer aided detection in the 1990’s.  In 2000, we added Breast MRIs and now, 3D Mammography.

At XRANM’s clinics, you’ll find staff who are board-certified and who care about your wellbeing and a compassionate, caring environment.

Women need friends who care.  At XRANM, you’ll find an army of caring professionals who know you need answers.  With a full suite of women’s imaging services in Santa Fe, you’ll get the clarity you need and the support that makes the difference.

Exceeding expectations

XRANM is your top resource for women’s imagining services in Santa Fe and across New Mexico, with 6 locations to serve you.

From bone density screenings, to MRI guided breast biopsy, pregnancy ultrasound and breast MRI, our full compliment of women’s imaging services covers all the bases.

Our professionals are dedicated to your wellbeing.  Working with a network of specialists, we serve our patients with the highest level of care and clinical excellence.

All the support you’ll need

Our breast cancer diagnostics are the most advanced and accurate available in New Mexico.  With XRANM, doctors know their patients are receiving the kind of information that drastically improves outcomes.

The diagnostic mammogram is for women who’ve experienced symptoms other than lumps.  These may include thickening of the skin, pain in the breast, discharge from one or both nipples or changes in the size and shape of the breast.

These symptoms don’t always indicate cancer and may be symptoms of other, non-life-threatening conditions.  The diagnostic mammogram evaluates any symptoms and irregularities found in the screening mammogram.  It allows for more thorough analysis of breast tissue, especially for women with breast implants or those with larger breast sizes.

Following the initial screening mammogram, XRANM has noted that between 7% and 10% of our patients return for the diagnostic mammogram.  Most of this small group see normal results from the secondary diagnostic, returning to the usual protocol of yearly screening.

A small number of these patients are asked to come back for follow ups every 6 months.  Finally, the smallest percentage are diagnosed with breast cancer.

3D mammography

3D mammography serves as an additional diagnostic layer, sometimes deployed concurrently with the screening mammogram.

This diagnostic is the most successful for early detection, with between 20 and 65% of breast cancers being diagnosed at the earliest stage possible.  The 3D mammogram is completed comfortable, rendering high resolution images.

This groundbreaking diagnostic, when used in tandem with the screening mammogram, serves to rule out call-backs for diagnostic mammograms and “false positive” results.

Women’s imagining services in Santa Fe

New Mexico women have a friend in X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, where their health concerns are given the technological accuracy and compassionate attention they need, when they need it most.

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