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Ultrasound Core Biopsy

What is ultrasound core biopsy?

Ultrasound Core Biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the radiologist to obtain tissue cores of masses for pathologic evaluation. A highly trained Ultrasound Technologist (Sonographer) guides the Radiologist with Ultrasound to the lesion. A coaxial, or two needle system, allows the first needle to be placed through the skin and adjacent to the area of interest. The first needle acts as a guide or tunnel through which a smaller core biopsy needle is placed to obtain multiple samples. No skin incision is required.

In many instances, breast abnormalities can be seen both on mammogram and ultrasound. In these cases, ultrasound core biopsy is chosen for patient comfort.

Ultrasound Core Biopsy

What Should I Expect?

The patient lies comfortably on an examining table. The abnormality is identified using ultrasound. The skin is prepped with betadyne. Local anesthetic is placed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The first needle, a coaxial needle is inserted into the breast to the edge of the abnormality. The second needle, a biopsy needle is placed inside the coaxial needle and multiple samples of the abnormality are obtained. Once the biopsy is completed, the Radiologist will place a tissue marker at the biopsy site. Two Mammogram views are obtained to confirm the marker is at the biopsy site. This is helpful for future imaging or in some cases surgery.

How should I prepare?

Wear a comfortable two piece outfit and a comfortable bra. There is no need to fast for this procedure, you may eat and drink normally.

When will i receive my results?

The pathology results are usually available to us within 1-3 days. The Radiologist or the Breast Imaging Navigator will contact you with your results and any follow up care you may need.

If the final results are benign, surgery is usually not necessary and patients can be followed conservatively.

Service Locations

Ultrasound core biopsy is available at Alamogordo Imaging Center, Breast Imaging Center, X-Ray Associates at Farmington and X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe.