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Ultrasound in Albuquerque

The ultrasound is an advanced diagnostic which deploys sound waves to assess certain areas of the body.

Completely non-invasive, the sound waves produced are condensed in a narrow beam and introduced by way of a transducer (hand-held diagnostic tool).

The information revealed by the technology is then sent to a computer and real-time images of the structures under investigation are produced.

This is achieved by the sound waves bouncing off internal tissue, producing echoes received by the transducer.

Most commonly, the ultrasound is used to examine the pelvic and abdominal organs, thyroid gland, testes, breasts and to observe circulation in veins and arteries. Let’s find out more about the ultrasound in Albuquerque.

Isn’t a sonogram the same thing?

While often conflated with each other, a sonogram and ultrasound are different – but intimately linked.

In fact, ultrasound is what creates a sonogram – the image generated by the transducer (which we’ll talk about below).  Thus, the sonogram is, in fact, a physical product of the procedure – the diagnostic image.


While the FDA has recommended against “keepsake” sonography, there are no risks associated with the practice of this diagnostic during pregnancy.

To date, no side effects are associated with the ultrasound procedure, despite extensive research.  Overwhelmingly, it’s recognized as safe.

Becoming increasingly sensitive, technology is advanced and continually evolving to be more effective.

What to expect

Patients lay on an examination table.  Then, clear gel is applied to the skin over the area being examined.

The gel’s purpose is to eliminate air bubbles between your body and the transducer.  Simply, sound waves don’t travel through air very well.

Then, the transducer is placed on the skin and moved around to view the area of concern or interest.

This procedure is painless, with the exception of the sensation of the transducer being pressed against the body.  Some patients are more sensitive than others.

Depending on the exam and its objectives, your ultrasound should take between 15 and 45 minutes.  Afterwards, you go right back to what you were doing.

Preparing for an ultrasound

No specific preparation is generally required for an ultrasound.  The exception is examining abdominal organs.  In this instance, you may be instructed to fast after midnight the day before your test, or 8 hours beforehand.

In some cases, you’ll be requested to drink several glasses of water prior to your ultrasound and not to urinate.  This means your bladder will be full for a portion of your test, as you’re examined.

Remember to wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing for your ultrasound in Albuquerque.  For some ultrasound testing, patients are asked to change into a gown.

Following your appointment, our radiologists will assess the ultrasound’s findings and the results will be promptly sent to your physician, who will share them with you.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico bring this state the most advanced radiology diagnostics available and we’ve been doing it for more than 60 years.

We offer patients a comprehensive range of ultrasound in Albuquerque.  We welcome you to contact us for more information about ultrasound in Albuquerque.