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Mammogram Screening Albuquerque

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed variety of disease in women.  About 12% of women (1 in 8) will develop breast cancer during their lifetimes.

The good news for women is that breast cancer numbers are dropping.  Beginning in 2000, incidences began to decline, following over 20 years’ statistical growth.  In 2002-2003 alone, the prevalence of breast cancer cases declined by 7%.

Much of this decline is due to increased awareness and early detection of the disease.

But breast cancer detection is developing and technology used for this purpose is changing.  We’re finding new ways of getting to breast cancer early.  By doing so, we’re saving women’s lives.

Mammogram screening Albuquerque

While it’s true that the medical community has been questioning the value of the mammogram, the diagnostic detects small irregularities, catching them early.

But there’s an unfortunate correlation to “false positives” with traditional mammogram screening, leading to unnecessary procedures on women who don’t have a life-threatening condition.

Now, there’s a new diagnostic which supports enhanced early detection which can be used in concert with mammogram screening Albuquerque.

3D mammography was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011.  Called tomosynthesis in clinical circles, this test produces 3-dimensional images of the breast which are exceptionally clear.

3D mammography

XRANM has pioneered some of the most advanced diagnostic radiology tools in the state of New Mexico.  One of these is 3D mammography, which serves as an extra layer of certainty.  3D mammography is sometimes used in concert with mammogram screening Albuquerque.

Fast, high resolution and much more comfortable than the traditional mammogram screening, this diagnostic has shown an extraordinary ability to detect breast cancers early.  Between 20 and 65% of breast cancers are found using this protocol.

With the 3D mammography, an x-ray arm moves over the breast, capturing numerous images in a matter of seconds.  These images are of the highest definition possible, thus detecting with greater accuracy anomalies and irregularities in the tissue.

This facility allows your radiologist to see all structures of the breast in small sections, making it possible to detect even the tiniest details.

This groundbreaking diagnostic, when used in concert with mammogram screening Albuquerque, helps to eliminate call-backs for diagnostic mammograms and “false positives”.  This is an incredible step forward, reducing the instances of women undergoing unnecessary procedures for non-cancerous anomalies.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico offers same day mammogram screening Albuquerque, as part of our commitment to care. Albuquerque is one of six locations found throughout New Mexico.  At the Albuquerque facility, you’ll also find advanced 3D mammography.  We’re the first facility in our state to offer this revolutionary breast cancer diagnostic.

Serving New Mexico patients for more than 65 years with up-to-the-minute radiology services, XRANM offers patient-centered care and leading-edge expertise in the field.  All the equipment used at our facilities is the most advanced available, bringing patients a comprehensive range of radiological testing.

Breast cancer, when detected early, can be treated effectively and successfully.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for potentially life-saving breast cancer diagnostics.