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Mammogram Santa Fe

If you’re waiting to have a mammogram, then knowing as much as you can about the procedure and its purpose is a good place to start.

The screening mammogram detects cancer.  This diagnostic is a routine examination which takes two pictures of each breast and is administered to all women.  It’s even employed for women who have no changes in the shape or texture of their breasts and have no symptoms of cancer.

X-ray imaging can detect tumors which may not be felt via palpation in self-examination.  Mammogram Santa Fe can also detect small deposits of calcium.  These sometimes lead to the detection of cancer.  But mammograms are also used when a lump in the breast or other symptoms present.

Diagnostic mammogram

The diagnostic mammogram is a secondary radiological tool which provides more clarity.  It’s ideal for women who’ve been experiencing symptoms other than lumps, like thickening of the skin, pain in the breast, discharge from one or both nipples or changes in shape and size of the breast.

These symptoms don’t necessarily indicate cancer and may be related to other, benign conditions.  The diagnostic mammogram evaluates symptoms and irregularities found in the screening mammogram.  It also allows more in-depth examination of breast tissue in the presence of breast implants or for women with larger breast sizes.

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we find that 7 – 10% of our patients come back for the diagnostic mammogram, following the initial screening test.

But most of this group see normal results from the secondary test and return to the normal protocol of yearly screening.  A small number of them are asked to return for follow ups every 6 months.  Finally, a very small percentage are found to have breast cancer.

3D mammography

XRANM is pioneering the most leading-edge radiology tools in our state.  One of these is 3D mammography, which serves as an additional layer of certainty, sometimes used concurrently with screening mammogram Santa Fe.

Fast, high resolution and completely comfortable, this diagnostic is the most successful in terms of early detection, with between 20 and 65% of breast cancers being found.

With the 3D mammogram, an x-ray arm moves over the breast, capturing numerous images in a matter of seconds.

A computer then renders 3D imagery, consisting of one-millimeter layers of breast tissue.  This allows your radiologist to see all structures of the breast in small sections, making it possible to detect even the tiniest irregularities.

This revolutionary diagnostic, when used in conjunction with the screening mammogram Santa Fe, helps to rule out call-backs for diagnostic mammograms and “false positives”.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico offers same day mammogram in Santa Fe, one of six locations in New Mexico.  At the Santa Fe facility, you’ll also find advanced 3D mammography, the first in our state.

Serving New Mexico patients for 65 years with state-of-the-art radiology, XRANM offers patient-centered care and widely-acknowledged expertise in the field.  All the equipment used at our facilities is the most advanced, offering a comprehensive range of radiological testing.

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