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Diagnostic Mammogram in Santa Fe, When You Need It

A diagnostic mammogram is intended to investigate symptomatic manifestations like masses, lumps and discharge in the breasts.  Taking the screening mammogram one step further, it offers a second look at abnormalities.

At XRANM, we’ve noted that 7-10% of women return for this secondary diagnostic mammogram in Santa Fe.  Of this number, most return a normal result and are returned to a yearly examination schedule.  A smaller group is recommended for 6-month follow ups and the smallest percentage of women tested are found to have breast cancer.

Why the diagnostic mammogram?

The screening mammogram looks solely for the presence of cancer.  It’s a routine examination which takes two pictures of each breast and is administered to all women, even those who have no changes in the shape or texture of their breasts.

For some women (especially those with larger breasts), the diagnostic mammogram serves as an additional method of detection, especially when anomalies are unclear or of uncertain origin.  This diagnostic also provides a “second look” at symptoms which may be troubling.  Women who’ve had breast cancer previously can access the diagnostic mammogram as a follow-up measure.

Following a diagnostic mammogram, the radiologist reviews the images immediately, as it’s often the case that additional images are required for greater clarity and certainty.  Often, areas of concern turn out not be problematic and the woman being examined is returned to the regular, yearly scheduling.  But as stated above, sometimes areas of concern lead radiologists to believe they should be monitored on a more frequent basis.

On occasion, a biopsy will be ordered to ensure that the anomaly found is not cancerous.  A biopsy by no means indicates that cancer is present.

What should you expect?

One of our board-certified radiologists will be present to conduct the test.  The test includes specialized mammography imaging to more adequately view the area of concern.  Often, diagnostic mammogram will include an ultrasound of the breasts for additional clarity.

How should you prepare?

Arrive at your appointment dressed in a comfortable, two-piece outfit.  Also, be sure to refrain from using lotions, deodorant or powders which may interfere with the equipment used in the procedure.  If you’Ve had mammograms previously at facilities other than XRANM, bring the imaging with you to provide your radiologist with further information.


As mentioned earlier, your radiologist will discuss results with you immediately.  It’s important that this be done, as it’s possible that the images taken may provide insufficient information, so further images will be required.

After that, your written results will be provided in between 2 and 5 days.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico is your source for a same day diagnostic mammogram in Santa Fe, one of our six locations in New Mexico.  Diagnostic mammogram is offered of these.

XRANM has been serving New Mexico patients for over 70 years with state-of-the-art radiology.  Our patient-centered care and expertise in the field are widely recognized.  All the equipment used at our facilities is leading-edge, offering the comprehensive range of radiological testing.  Contact us.