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Diagnostic Mammogram Albuquerque

A diagnostic mammogram investigates and evaluates symptomatic manifestations like masses, lumps and discharge in the breasts.  Taking the screening mammogram to the next level, it offers a second, more intensive look at anomalies.

At XRANM, our experience with patients shows that 7 – 10% of women come back for this secondary diagnostic mammogram in Albuquerque.  Of this group, most see a normal result and are restored to a yearly breast examination schedule.

A smaller group is switched to 6-month follow ups and the smallest percentage of women tested are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Diagnostic mammogram Albuquerque

The screening mammogram is deployed to detect the presence of cancer.  It’s a routine examination which takes two images of each breast and is used for cancer detection in all women, even those who have no changes in the shape or texture of their breasts, or other symptomatic indications.

For some women, the diagnostic mammogram serves as an extra level of detection, especially when anomalies are indistinct or of undetermined nature.  This diagnostic also provides a more thorough examination at symptoms which may be concerning.  Women who’ve had breast cancer previously can request the diagnostic mammogram as a follow-up to screening.

After a diagnostic mammogram, the radiologist reviews the captured images immediately, as it’s often the case that more images are needed for increased clarity and certainty.

Sometimes, areas of concern turn out to be innocuous and the woman being examined goes back to the regular, yearly mammogram.  But sometimes areas of concern lead radiologists to believe they should be monitored more frequently.

Occasionally, a biopsy will be commissioned as an additional precaution, to ensure that the abnormality found is not cancerous.  A biopsy is not an indication that cancer is present.

What to expect

One of X-Ray Associates of New Mexico’s radiologists will be present to conduct the test.  The diagnostic mammogram Albuquerque includes specialized imaging to more thoroughly examine the area of concern.  Often, a diagnostic mammogram will include an ultrasound of the breasts for additional information.

How to prepare

Wear a comfortable, two-piece outfit to your appointment.  Be sure not to use lotions, powders or deodorant which may interfere with the equipment employed in the procedure.  If you’ve had mammograms before at facilities other than XRANM, bring the images with you to provide your radiologist with a comparison.


As mentioned earlier, your radiologist will immediately discuss results with you.  It’s important that this be done, as it’s possible that the images taken may not provide enough information, so further images will be taken.

After that, your written results will be available in between 2 and 5 days.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico is your source for a same day diagnostic mammogram Albuquerque. Albuquerque is one of six XRANM radiology imaging centers in New Mexico.

XRANM has been serving New Mexico patients for more than 65 years with leading-edge radiology.  Our patient-centered care and expertise in the field is well-known.  All the equipment used at our facilities is advanced, offering a comprehensive range of radiological testing.

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