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Breast Surgical Oncology in Santa Fe

Every woman dreads hearing the words, “You have breast cancer”.  It’s a diagnosis no woman ever wants to receive.

But at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico we’re leaders, bringing patients a comprehensive range of diagnostic resources, as well as a variety of treatments, including immediate breast reconstruction.

And today, women have great cause for hope in the increasing influence of breast surgical oncology.  Let’s read more about breast surgical oncology in Santa Fe and how it’s improving outcomes for patients.

What an oncologic surgeon does

Oncologic surgeons are leaders and organizers.  They’re armed with a material body of knowledge concerning current modalities to be employed for primary or secondary cancer, with a strong emphasis on complex cases.

Certified by both the Surgical Oncology Board and the American Board of Surgery, oncologic surgeons offer patients a specialized skill set and intentionally compassionate team leadership.  Their role encompasses maintaining high standards for taking tissue samples and their subsequent banking.

Murray Brennan of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, described 7 important areas of ability for oncologic surgeons:

  1. Knowledge of genetic predisposition and etiology
  2. Ability to Understand the natural history of cancer and factors in prognosis
  3. Ability to assemble cost-effective care
  4. Ability and motivation to drive clinical trials
  5. Advanced disease management proficiency
  6. Leadership as a source of patient support
  7. Effective outcome evaluation

In terms of breast surgical oncology, this means patients get the benefit of a team-based approach under the leadership of a breast cancer treatment project manager and hands-on caregiver, as well as a researcher and budget director.

This is an incredible support to patients going on a difficult journey.  Their care, when directed by a breast surgical oncology leader is greatly enhanced.

Leading research and education

Surgical oncologists aren’t just found in the operating theater.  They’re not only providing leadership for care teams, but spearheading research and teaching about cancer care in hospitals and universities.

The importance of this side of the oncologic surgeon’s role cannot be overstated.  It’s this research and education which is improving delivery of cancer care and directly impacting prognoses.

Often present in the earliest stages of testing and diagnosis, the oncologic surgeon is uniquely placed to provide leadership in community awareness and information about prevention, early diagnosis and the importance of screening.

As this highly specialized cancer care leadership role develops and becomes more of a fixture in the medical community, its mission becomes addressing the disease itself.  By driving clinical trials and research efforts, oncologic surgeons are creating the conditions for new approaches that improve cancer care and survival rates.

Breast surgical oncology in Santa Fe

The staff at XRANM’s 6 facilities in New Mexico provides a comprehensive range of radiological services, drawing on the most sophisticated technologies.  For 65 years, XRANM has been raising the bar in this state.

To find out more about breast surgical oncology in Santa Fe, contact us.  XRANM is New Mexico’s leader, delivering world-class radiology and compassionate, patient-centered care.

Experience advanced care at X-Ray Associate of New Mexico.