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3D Mammogram in Farmington

The 3D mammogram is a revolutionary new diagnostic which has been added to existing tests in the pursuit of greater accuracy.

Also referred to as tomosynthesis, this type of mammogram is the fastest, most accurate, highest resolution and most comfortable breast cancer diagnostic available in the state.

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico are proud to deliver excellence in all radiological testing.  But being able to offer the 3D Mammogram in Farmington is one of our proudest moments.

The enhanced accuracy of the 3D mammogram is saving women’s lives.

Fast, Comfortable, Reduced Callbacks

There’s nothing more frightening than a callback following a mammogram.  While it’s not always bad news, most women (for obvious reasons) would prefer to avoid the eventuality.

And with the 3D mammogram in Farmington, callbacks are reduced by 40%.  That’s an incredible number, meaning almost ½ of callbacks are eliminated with this diagnostic tool.

Other mammograms require at least 24 seconds per image.  The 3D mammogram requires only 3.7 seconds per each image.  This makes the experience more comfortable by making it less time-consuming.

And the quality of the images is superb, rendering the highest resolution image possible.  That means breast cancers can be caught much earlier in their life cycle, making them easier to treat successfully.

Approved by the FDA in 2011, the technology has now been updated to produce both 2D and 3D images.

A Precise Screening Tool

The traditional mammogram often required patients to return for the secondary diagnostic mammogram.  With the 3D mammogram in Farmington, however, callbacks are reduced by almost half.

This factor reduces exposure to unnecessary radiation by improving accuracy of images and increasing early detection rates.

Another tremendous benefit of this 3D diagnostic is that it eliminates false positives and the anxiety associated with them.

Stronger Together

The 3D mammogram has now taken its place as the leading breast cancer detection tool.  Used in concert with digital mammography at annual breast cancer screenings, this diagnostic allows radiologists to capture more and better images than ever before.

Employing extremely low-dose radiation makes 3D mammograms safer, maintaining your exposure well below that recommended by the American College of Radiologists.

Using the two diagnostics together radically reduces call backs by gathering all the information required to determine patient status in one session.

Preparing for Your 3D Mammogram In Farmington

A comfortable, two-piece outfit is recommended, as this will make it easier for techs to prepare you for testing.

Also, refrain from wearing powders, creams or deodorants, as these can interfere with testing.

If you’ve been tested before at another facility, please bring CDs or original films to your appointment. This allows us to assess your history.

Bring along your doctor’s referral form, insurance information and photo id.

And please – if you need to cancel your appointment for a 3D mammogram in Farmington, contact us 24 hours beforehand.

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