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Vascular Ultrasound in Santa Fe – Trust the Experts at XRANM

The vascular ultrasound is used by radiologists to detect abnormalities and anomalies in the circulatory system.  Blockages, clots and blood flow may be identified and assessed with the use of this tool.

Also called “Doppler” imaging or a “duplex study”, this diagnostic is non-invasive, using high-frequency sound waves to produce images of blood vessels and arteries.   This is achieved with the use of a small, handheld device which emits a narrow beam which concentrates the sound waves, called a transducer.  Reflecting off blood cells, the echoes produced are transmitted to the transducer and in turn, produce images visible on a computer screen.

Because the sound waves can return images so quickly, radiologists can assess the speed of blood blow toward identifying blockages.  Vascular ultrasound is the only diagnostic known to be able to assess blood flow.

The technology is usually focused on the circulatory system of the extremities and neck but is also used to evaluate vascular anomalies in vessels leading to the internal organs.  It may be used to examine vessels in virtually any part of the human body.  Like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, no radiation is used in this diagnostic and no dyes are required.

What to expect

Lying on an examination table, clear gel will be applied to the area of your body being examined.  This is to eliminate air bubbles which may interfere with accurate, clear imaging.  The transducer is then moved across the area being looked at.

While painless, some patients experience minor discomfort from the transducer wand being pressed against the skin.

Some patients will have their blood pressure taken in conjunction with their vascular ultrasound, to determine the status of this indicator in the extremities.

The procedure takes between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on what your doctor has ordered.


Most vascular ultrasounds require no preparation on the part of the patient.  The exception is abdominal examinations, which require that the patient not eat or drink after midnight of the day before their testing or 8 hours before the exam.

Your results

Your results will be carefully reviewed by one of our skilled radiologists, then shared with your primary care physician and subsequently discussed with you.  Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure or your results.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico have been bringing exemplary radiology services to patients in New Mexico for over 70 years.

Our team of highly skilled and trained technicians provides diagnostic services using state-of-the-art equipment which is the most up-to-date available.  The comprehensive range of medical imaging available at NRANM covers all modalities of radiology in existence.

Our exceptional staff is here to offer patients extraordinary care, supporting them and their primary care givers with excellence.

And if patients are anxious for results, they’ll be relieved to hear that we offer same day service at all 6 of our New Mexico locations.  That’s a comforting convenience when you’re waiting to hear your status.

Supporting patients and physicians with superior radiology services is what XRANM does.