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Why is assessing Breast Cancer Risk important?

Breast Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States. The main factors for breast cancer are Female sex and increasing age. By getting regular mammography screening done can help reduce mortality rates in this type of cancer.  Breast Cancer Risk Assessment is very important because it helps to identify women who may benefit from having more rigorous breast cancer screening done.

Since there is no standardized approach to risk assessment it is very important to reach out to your health care providers that have expertise in cancer genetics, testing for breast cancer related mutations (Such as the BRCA gene), and other risk assessment tools that can help provide you with options for managing your risk.

Risks of cancer related mutations such as BRCA gene include getting breast cancer at an earlier age, getting breast cancer in both breasts, and also developing more than one type of cancer in their lifetime.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Farmington

Breast Risk Assessment Farmington

Why Individualized Risk Assessment Should be Performed With a Two Pronged Approach

The Two Pronged Approach for assessing risk of Breast Cancer combines patient-derived xenografts and proteogenomic integration. Patient-derived xenografts are powerful tools that are used to help predict drug efficiency and also tumor characteristics.  Proteogenomic integration helps to provide a more complete picture of genome function ( which is complete set of genetic information about organism that provides all information required to function). By combining both of these it helps to create a complete individualized risk assessment picture.

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