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A Complete Overview Of Pain Management Santa Fe, NM

While we’re in the business of delivering top-tier radiology services to patients in New Mexico, X-Ray Associates New Mexico is also keenly aware that many of our Santa Fe patients need effective pain management.

It’s an unavoidable fact of life in our sector that we’ll be working with people who need help with pain, so we’ve compiled some information about pain management Santa Fe to point them in the right direction.

What Are The Pain Management Sant Fe Services?

Here in Santa Fe, we’re fortunate to have several facilities entirely dedicated to the delivery of pain management services and numerous pain management physicians at our disposal.

If you’re struggling with pain, you may have been considering sourcing the services offered by a specialized clinical pain management Santa Fe.  But what should you expect?

Pain Management Santa Fe - XRAMN

Where Is Pain Management Santa Fe Service In New Mexico?

There is no global solution to the problem of pain.  Everyone experiences pain differently and pain is caused by myriad conditions and anomalies.

So, because of the nature of pain, the solution to what you’re experiencing is going to be unique.  Your pain is like no one else’s.  This is the purpose of pain management in New Mexico – to personalize treatment by targeting the patient’s individual condition and the type and level of pain being experienced.

You’re probably aware of the cause of your pain.  And you know better than anyone else what works and what doesn’t; what mitigates pain and what exacerbates it.  You know its intensity and how long you’ve been living with it.

You are the starting point for addressing pain.

How To Get Pain Management Santa Fe Services?

You’re the starting point, but you’re also a participant in finding the right pain management services in Santa Fe to improve your quality of life.

Part of managing your pain is not to give in to the temptation to sit and wait for it to go away.  Movement is what the human body was made for and if you’re not moving around enough, you’re going to stiffen up and make the pain worse.

But pain can haul you up short, so part of a pain management professional’s work is to find ways to keep you moving.  Working incrementally, you’ll find that the prescribed activity helps, with time and your clinician’s help.

What Are Other Solutions?

Your pain management partner will talk in-depth with you about the type and duration of your pain and the condition that’s provoked it.  Then, you’ll talk about solutions.  Some of these include:

  • Physical therapy – you’ll learn to move in more structurally sound ways, by targeting specific groups of muscles, addressing body alignment and bio-mechanical issues.
  • Massage therapy – this isn’t a cure for pain, but a massage therapist loosens and relaxes muscles, bringing you a temporary sense of well-being that can be built on and which serves as a respite from pain.
  • Meditation and deep breathing – By learning to control your physical and intellectual responses to pain, you’ll be better equipped to manage it. Control is the goal, as while pain is a very real thing, it’s the mind that’s really the boss.

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