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Pain Management New Mexico

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we bring advanced radiology services to patients in New Mexico and we know that many of our patients need access to pain management support.

We regularly work with patients who require pain management support, so we’ve assembled some basic information about pain management in our state to inform readers about this style of care.

Pain Management in New Mexico

Here in New Mexico, patients have access to many options for clinics which are completely dedicated to the delivery of pain management services.  We also have many pain management physicians in the state to help.

If you’ve been living with pain, you may have been thinking about accessing the services found at a specialized pain management clinic.  What kind of services should you expect to find?

Combatting Pain

There is no single solution to the problem of pain.  Everyone experiences it very individually and pain is caused by a plethora of physical conditions.

Because of the complicated nature of pain, the solution to what you’re dealing with must be tailored to you.  Your pain is yours alone.  That’s the mission of pain management – to personalize pain care by managing the patient’s condition and the level and type of pain being encountered.

You know what’s causing your pain.  You’re probably also somewhat aware of what works and what doesn’t; what’s effective for pain and what makes it worse.  You know how long you’ve been living with it and its cycles.

You’re where pain management begins.

Movement and Exercise

While it’s true that you’re where pain management begins, you’re also a clinical partner in discerning how to manage your pain.

A huge part of managing pain is not to succumb to the temptation of simply waiting for it to go away.  The human body was designed to move and if you’re not moving around enough, you’re going to get stiff.  That will make things worse.

Movement and exercise can be intimidating when you’re in pain, so a pain management professional will seek ways to get you moving comfortably.  Slowly, you’ll find that doctor-directed movement and exercise will help.  Just add determination.

Clinical Alternatives

Your pain management professional will discuss with you in detail the duration and intensity of your pain and the condition which has provoked it.  Then, you’ll talk about pain management treatment alternatives, as follows:

  • Physical therapy – you’ll learn to move your body in more biomechanically sound ways, targeting specific muscle groups and working on body alignment problems.
  • Massage therapy – while it’s not a silver bullet, a massage therapist loosens and relaxes muscles, giving you a sensation of overall wellness, which can be built on. Massage also offers a welcome respite from pain.
  • Medication and deep breathing – Patients can learn to control their intellectual and physical reactions to pain, which serves to help you manage it. Control is your goal.  We know that pain is a very real physical phenomenon, but it’s your mind that’s truly in charge of how it impacts you.

Our clinics in New Mexico offer the most advanced radiology available.