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Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Endovenous Laser Treatment

If you have unsightly varicose veins, you’re certainly not alone. It’s a condition shared by millions of men and women in America. And while the main complaint from varicose veins is the appearance, they can also cause health problems such as swelling, burning, ulceration, eczema and more. While heredity is the most common contributing factor, this condition can also arise from pregnancy, birth control, aging, lack of exercise and obesity. Varicose veins can often be treated by Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). Our specialized doctors and staff in Santa Fe and Albuquerque help you treat the problem.

EVLT uses a tiny yet powerful laser beam-inserted thru a harmless fiber right into your vein-to seal it shut. These are veins that take on less than 5% of your body’s blood flow so your blood is simply re-routed to other veins and the discoloration of varicose veins fades away, leaving beautiful results. EVLT is fast, minimally invasive and best of all, over 95% effective. Call XRANM today and let one of our experts explain the procedure in detail.


EVLT is available at X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe office.


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