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MRI for Cancer in Albuquerque

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you may be questioning why your doctor has order an MRI for cancer in Albuquerque. This blog offers additional information about the diagnostic.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging diagnostic can not only detect cancer in the body, it can definitively determine if tumors are malignant or benign (cancerous or non-cancerous), as well as offer more precise information about the location, size and implications of the tumor for neighboring tissue.

The MRI for cancer will also give doctors pertinent information about how to proceed, surgically.  Once you’re undergoing treatment, or have undergone surgery, the MRI tracks how successful treatment/surgery has been.

How it works

Without deploying radiation, the radio waves and magnets used in MRI technology generate computer images of tissue and organs in minute detail.

Shaped like a large donut, the MRI is a tube the patient is rolled into, on an examining table.  Not all MRI equipment is the same, with some machines being less constricting.

Usually safe enough for testing even women who are pregnant, this technology looks inside the body, generating images which guide further treatment and the recommendations of your doctor.


Your doctor will discuss all preparations required, but some patients are instructed not to eat for several hours prior to the test.

You’ll also talk about medications you’re currently taking and whether you have allergies to any prescription drugs.

If you have medical appliances implanted which are metal or have any kind of metal lodged inside your body following an accident, your doctor should know this, as the MRI’s magnetic force is extremely strong.

For this reason, patients with pacemakers can’t undergo an MRI.

Because the MRI makes rather lot of noise, patients are encouraged to bring music with them to distract themselves from the sounds the machine produces and to help them lay as still as possible.  Moving during the MRI can affect image quality, making the image captures less subject to accurate interpretation.

Before your MRI for cancer in Albuquerque, you’ll need to remove any metal jewelry, watches and hair pins.  You’ll also change into a hospital gown.

Other important information

Some patients may be administered a contrast agent (medical dye) either by IV or orally.  This dye helps to generate clearer images.

Your exam may last up to 90 minutes, with imaging sequences taking up to 15 minutes each.  Your diagnosis and the part of your body affected will determine duration of testing.

It’s important that you let your radiologist know before testing begins if you’re claustrophobic.  If you are, you’ll be given oral anti-anxiety medication. If you’re claustrophobic and require this medication, please ask a member of your family or a friend to drive you home following the MRI.

You’ll be asked to stay on the table until your images are analyzed, in case the attending radiologist needs more images.

The results of your MRI will be sent to your doctor and then, shared with you.

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