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MRI in Albuquerque

The MRI is an exceptional diagnostic tool.  Painless and non-invasive, radio waves combine forces with a magnetic field.  Assisted via a computer to render clear, detailed images of tissue and organs, no radiation is used in the diagnostic.

Hundreds of images are taken laterally, horizontally and front-to-back.  These images identify compromised tissue, enabling radiologists to see what’s going on inside us, physically.

A valuable tool

Magnetic Resonance Imaging helps the radiology team at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico to accurately diagnose conditions as diverse as vascular disease, cancers in various parts of the body, heart disease, joint and musculoskeletal disorders and breast cancers.  MRIs are also used to detect anomalies in the central nervous system.

The MRI in Albuquerque at XRANM is performed using a leading-edge 18-channel system.

What to expect

The MRI stands as one of the most comfortable radiology diagnostics.

You’ll be positioned on a table.  This table is subsequently moved into a tube-like scanner, open at both ends.

The tech attending your MRI will watch the procedure through an observation portal.  You’ll be able to interact with each other throughout the test.

You’ll be asked to lie very still during the imaging process in order to obtain the highest quality captures.

The exam can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.  When you’re done, you go back to whatever you were doing before your MRI.

How to prepare

Most MRI tests require no special preparations on the part of the patient.  In some instances, patients will be asked to fast for a prescribed period prior.

Medications should continue normally, unless you’re told otherwise by your doctor.  Patients are sometimes asked to change into a gown (usually when what you’re wearing incorporates metal elements, as these can interfere with your MRI).

All items like eyeglasses, earrings or hair pins should be removed before the test.  If you think you may be pregnant, inform your tech.

Those suffering from claustrophobia will be administered a mild sedative to facilitate the test. If you’re claustrophobic, please talk to your doctor and arrange for a friend or relative to pick you up after your appointment.

It’s important for your physician to know if you have a pacemaker, a history of work with metal, a drug pump, screws, pins, plates or other metallic implants (although these usually present no interference when in place for over 6 weeks).

The results of your MRI in Albuquerque will be analyzed by our radiologists, who will share them with your doctor.  Your doctor will then meet with you to discuss them.

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico

For over 60 years, XRANM has been serving our state with advanced diagnostic radiology.  With 6 locations statewide, we’ve not only made radiology services more accessible for New Mexico patients, we’ve brought the sector forward, with leading equipment and technology.

MRI in Albuquerque with your community partners at XRANM serves the patient’s needs, with compassionate care and same-day MRIs.  We know that time is of the essence, so we work with you to expedite your MRI.

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