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Low-dose CT Lung Screening Santa Fe

Low-dose CT lung screening is used to detect cancer early, finding the disease while it’s still treatable.

No symptoms or family cancer history are needed to be screened.  We know that early detection offers the best outcomes for people with lung cancer, so we use low-dose computed tomography (low-dose CT scan or LDCT).

Low levels of radiation are used to scan the body to detect lung cancer with highly-resolution images.

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Low-dose CT lung screening Santa Fe

XRANM offers leading-edge low-dose CT lung screening Santa Fe.  We’ve been offering New Mexico patient-centered care at our 6 clinics throughout the state for over 70 years.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve pioneered diagnostics previously unavailable in New Mexico.  We’ve changed the game to ensure that patients in this state receive first-class assistance and early detection of illnesses like lung cancer.

Should I be screened?

The US Preventative Services Task Force’s recommendations stipulate that people meeting the following profile should be screened:

  • People who have either smoked heavily in the past or who currently smoke heavily*
  • People who still smoke or who have stopped within the past 15 years
  • People between 55 and 80 years-of-age

*Heavy smoking means patients who have smoked at least 1 pack of 20 cigarettes every day for at least 30 years.   People who have smoked 2 packs of 20 cigarettes for at least 15 years are in the same category.

Risks you should know about

Prior to booking your low-dose CT lung screening Santa Fe, patients should understand that there are some risks which come with this test, as follows:

  1. It’s possible that the diagnostic will deliver a “false positive” (identifying lung cancer when the patient doesn’t have the disease). This can mean additional testing and occasionally, surgery which is not needed.
  2. Testing sometimes finds cancers which are no threat to the health of the patient. This is known to clinicians as “overdiagnosis”, as therapy will sometimes be applied unnecessarily.
  3. Multiple exposures to LDCT means multiple exposures to radiation, with the result that patients run the risk of cancer induced by testing.

Because of these risks, low-dose CT lung screening Santa Fe is offered to patients with no symptomatic profile or family history, but only those in the high-risk groups we’ve enumerated.

Your best strategy to beat lung cancer is smoking cessation.  Screening is no substitute for removing the serious health risk of cigarette smoking.

Age limit

The Preventative Services Task Force has recommended that people over 80 or who haven’t smoked for over 15 years, as well as people with health complications which don’t allow surgery (if cancer is found), shouldn’t be screened.

XRANM clinics feature a full range of world-class radiology diagnostics, including low-dose CT lung screening Santa Fe.  We’re the New Mexico leaders, having set the standard for similar clinics in the state, bringing you the most advanced technologies available.

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