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At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we deliver world-class radiology services to patients in our state, but we’re also very aware that many of our patients require doctor-directed pain management.

It’s a fact of life in our sector that we’ll be working with patients who need support with pain, so we’ve put together some basic information about pain relief in Albuquerque to point them in the right direction.

Here in Albuquerque, patients are fortunate to have several options for facilities which are entirely devoted to the delivery of pain management services.

We also have many pain management physicians nearby to help.

If you’re living with pain, you may have been thinking about sourcing services offered at a specialized pain relief clinic. What should you expect?

Taming pain

There is no universal solution to the problem of pain. Everyone experiences it differently and pain is caused by multiple physical conditions.

Because of the complex nature of pain, the solution to what you’re living with is going to be tailored to you. Your pain is unique. That’s the purpose of pain relief– to individualize treatment by addressing the patient’s condition and the intensity and type of pain being experienced.


You probably know what’s causing your pain. And you know better than anyone what works and what doesn’t; what tames pain and what unleashes it. You know how long you’ve been living with it. You know its patterns. So, you’re ground zero for taming pain.

Exercise and Movement

While it’s true you’re ground zero for pain management, you’re also a therapeutic partner in finding the right tools to improve your quality of life.

Part of managing pain is not to give in to the temptation of passively waiting for it to go away. The human body was made for movement and if you’re not moving enough, you’re going to get stiff and make the pain worse.

Pain can make exercise and movement intimidating, so part of a pain treatment professional’s job is to seek ways to keep you moving. Slowly and incrementally, you’ll find that prescribed exercise and movement help with patience and your clinician’s support.


Your pain management clinician will speak with you in depth about the intensity and duration of your pain and the condition that’s caused it. Then, you’ll talk about pain treatment options. Some of these are:

  • Physical therapy – you’ll learn to move in more biomechanically sound ways, targeting specific groups of muscles and addressing body alignment issues.
  • Massage therapy – it’s not a cure for pain, but a massage therapist relaxes and loosens muscles, offering you a temporary sense of physical wellness which you can build on. It’s also a welcome respite from pain.
  • Deep breathing and Meditation – You can learn to control your intellectual and physical responses to pain, which equips you to manage it. Control is the goal. While pain is a very real physical phenomenon, it’s the mind that’s really in charge of how it affects you.

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