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Oncologic Breast Surgeons

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we offer patients an all-encompassing range of diagnostic services, as well as a variety of therapies, including breast reconstruction.

Oncologic breast surgeons represent a tremendous evolution in therapy for breast cancer.  Women today have cause for great hope with these well-rounded professionals on their team.  Let’s read more about oncologic breast surgeons and how they’re delivering exceptional outcomes for patients.

Gold Standard Care

Breast cancer patients have seen treatment alternatives grow by leaps and bounds in recent times.  This brings us to the necessity for oncologic breast surgeons.

An oncologic breast surgeon leads a team of cancer professionals, using methods like radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular therapies.  This is gold standard breast cancer care, with an oncologic breast surgeon managing a diverse team.

Your Breast Cancer Project Manager

Oncologic breast surgeons are rather like project managers, serving as leaders and organizers.  They deploy a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the therapies involved in treating cancer, with an expertise in complex cases.

Certified by the Surgical Oncology Board and the American Board of Surgery, oncologic breast surgeons bring their patients informed and compassionate team leadership.  The specialized skill set of this unique role represents a clinical advantage for patients who have access to such practitioners.

New York City’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Murray Brennan has laid out 7 points of knowledge for surgical oncology:

  1. Strong understanding of genetic predisposition and etiology
  2. Knowing the cancer’s history and concurrent realities which may affect prognosis
  3. Managing cost in the therapeutic process
  4. Engaging with and driving clinical trials
  5. Wide-ranging experience managing advanced disease
  6. Compassionate patient support
  7. Precision in evaluating outcomes

Driving Change

Oncologic breast surgeons are found in operating theaters but not exclusively.  They’re leading surgical teams but they’re also driving research and leading cancer care education in universities.

The oncologic breast surgeon’s influence is incalculable, leading education and research toward improving patient outcomes.

Often attending at the earliest moment of diagnosis and testing, oncologic breast surgeons improve community awareness and knowledge, spearheading efforts in cancer education by championing early screening and diagnosis.

This role is becoming more crucial each day, representing an enormously valuable fixture in the medical community.

The oncologic breast surgeon’s mission is that of challenging cancer itself.  By leading research efforts and clinical trials, oncologic breast surgeons are exploring and revealing innovative methodologies which improve cancer treatment and survival rates.

Oncologic Breast Surgeons

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico have been bringing leading-edge radiology to New Mexico for over 70 years.  At XRANM, we’ve changed the game for New Mexico patients.

Patient-centered support combined with superior customer service and excellent quality imaging, offer patients the pinnacle of care.

The teams at our 6 clinics in New Mexico deliver a comprehensive range of radiological services, supporting patients with the most up-to-date diagnostics.

Contact us about oncologic breast surgeons.  XRANM offers New Mexico radiological excellence and compassionate care that centers the patient.

These qualities have made us leaders.

Discover the top resource for oncologic breast surgeons at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico.