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Lung Cancer Screening Albuquerque and Farmington NM

An Overview of Lung Cancer in Farmington and Albuquerque

An early detection tool, lung cancer screening is used to clear patients of any sign of the disease.   No family medical history or symptoms are required to be screened.  But because clinical professionals understand that early detection is the leading way to defeat lung cancer, we deploy low-dose computed tomography (low-dose CT scan or LDCT).   Using low-level radiation, the body is scanned to detect lung cancer with high-quality images.   At XRANM, we provide same-day imaging services because we know you need answers.  Our dedication to caring supports your peace of mind.
Lung Cancer Farmington



Who Is The Best For Lung Cancer Screening in Farmington?

XRANM offers leading-edge lung cancer screening in Farmington and Albuquerque.  For over 70 years, we’ve been providing New Mexico patients and doctors patient-centered care at our advanced clinics here. Over the last 2 decades, we’ve introduced diagnostics that weren’t available in New Mexico, improving radiology in the state to make sure patients here receive the highest quality of clinical assistance and precipitous detection of diseases like lung cancer.


Should I Be Screened?

The US Preventative Services Task Force recommends that people meeting the following criteria should present themselves for a yearly lung cancer screening:

  • If you’ve been a heavy smoker or are a heavy smoker*
  • If you currently smoke or you’ve stopped smoking in the last 15 years
  • If you’re aged between 55 and 80

*Heavy smoking is defined as having smoked at least 1 packet of 20 cigarettes every day for 30 years or more.  The same definition applies to those who’ve smoked 2 packets of 20 cigarettes for 15 years or more.


What are CT Lung Cancer Screening’s Risks?

Before you schedule a lung cancer screening in Albuquerque, you need to be aware that there are three risks associated with this diagnostic:

  1. It sometimes happens that the diagnostic will render a “false positive” (finding lung cancer when the patient isn’t afflicted with the disease). A false positive leads to more testing and may result in surgery when it’s not necessary.
  2. Testing may find cancers which have no health impacts for the patient. This is referred to as “overdiagnosis”, as therapy will sometimes occur when unnecessary.
  3. Multiple exposures to LDCT means multiple exposures to radiation, with the result that cancer may be provoked by the test itself.

Because of the associated risks, lung cancer screening in Albuquerque is provided to asymptomatic patients but solely those who are in high-risk groups, as outlined above. But your best move to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking.  Screening is no substitute for quitting.


Until What Age May I Be Screened?

The Preventative Services Task Force recommends that people 81 or over or who haven’t smoked for more than 15 years, as well as people with health problems that rule out surgery if cancer is found, should not be screened. XRANM provides a full suite of first-in-class radiology diagnostics, including lung cancer screening in Albuquerque.  Leaders in the sector, we’ve changed the game for patients in New Mexico, offering you the most advanced technologies currently available anywhere. Contact us to schedule your lung cancer screening in Albuquerque.