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Screening Mammogram in Farmington

The screening mammogram is a primary diagnostic which detects the presence of breast cancer. It’s a routine examination which captures two images of each breast and is administered to all women after age 40. It’s even used for women who have no changes in the shape or texture of their breasts and have no symptoms of cancer.

All women are recommended to undergo a yearly screening mammogram after age 40 as an early detection measure.

X-ray imaging can find tumors which can’t be felt with palpation in self-examination. The screening mammogram in Farmington can also detect small calcium deposits. These can lead to the detection of cancer. But mammograms are also used when a lump in the breast or other symptoms present.

The Diagnostic Mammogram

The diagnostic mammogram is a secondary radiological tool which provides more clarity. It’s recommended for women who’ve been having symptoms other than lumps, including thickening of the skin, pain, discharge from one or both nipples or changes in the size and shape of the breast.

But these symptoms don’t always mean you have cancer. The diagnostic mammogram analyzes existing symptoms and any anomalies found by the primary diagnostic, the screening mammogram. It allows closer examination of breast tissue when breast implants are involved or for women who have larger breasts.

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, 7 – 10% of our patients return for the diagnostic mammogram, following the initial screening mammogram in Farmington.

But most patients see normal results from the secondary test and return to the normal protocol of annual screening. A small number of patients are asked to return for follow ups twice yearly. Finally, a very small percentage of our patients are found to have breast cancer.

3D Mammography – The Gold Standard

XRANM is a leader, offering the most advanced diagnostic radiology in New Mexico. 3D mammography, which serves as an additional layer of certainty, is sometimes used concurrently with the screening mammogram.

Quick and comfortable, this diagnostic is the gold standard in terms of early detection, with between 20 and 65% of breast cancers being detected.

With the 3D mammogram, an x-ray arm moves over the breast, taking numerous images in the span of only a few seconds.

A computer then produces 3D images, depicting one-millimeter layers of breast tissue. This allows your radiologist to view the entire breast in small sections, making it possible to see even the tiniest anomalies.

This state-of-the-art diagnostic, when used in tandem with the screening mammogram in Farmington, serves to rule out return visits for diagnostic mammograms and “false positives”.


X-Ray Associates of New Mexico offers same day screening mammogram. With 6 clinics around New Mexico, patient convenience and comfort is at the heart of all we do. At the Farmington facility, you’ll also find advanced diagnostic mammography.

Serving New Mexico for 65 years with leading-edge radiology, XRANM offers individualized care and renowned expertise in the field. All the equipment employed at our clinics is the most advanced available, representing an exhaustive range of radiological testing.

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