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X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe provides a full range of outpatient radiology procedures that utilize the most advanced medical technologies. X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe provides premier screening, diagnostic breast imaging and interventional radiology. X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe also offers superior MRI Imaging using 1.5 Tesla GE Twinspeed with 16-channel Excite technology and a state-of-the-art Discovery PET/CT 710 with 128 slice CT Imaging Scanner.  This exceptional technology offers better image quality and faster scan times, reducing radiation for both CT and PET scans.


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  • “This is the most efficiently run medical facility I’ve ever been to.”
  • “I have been a patient at X-Ray Associates of Santa Fe for about five years off and on, at first getting standard annual mammograms and eventually many more diagnostic tests. I’ve always been treated respectfully and compassionately by medical and nonclinical staff. In particular, Dr. Alexander LaRusso, Rachel and Christine in ultrasound, and Sandy in mammography have been very kind and helpful. “


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  • “I have used X-Ray Associates of NM (Santa Fe office) for numerous years for my mammograms, and lately also for PET scan, as well as Cat scan and biopsy in their Albuquerque office. I am so impressed with their efficiency (never wait over 5 min.), kind, patient and very knowledgeable staff, and fast results/reports.”
  • “The staff at XRANM Santa Fe couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. From scheduling to check in and the technicians. Thanks for making this a positive experience.”



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Costs of Radiology procedures in Santa Fe vary from patient to patient based on various factors like insurance, equipment requirements and number of sessions. However for rough estimates you can reference this guide on X-ray Costs in Santa Fe.  The average cost in Santa Fe is $550, however that number is skewed by a few very expensive procedures like X-rays of veins which can go up to $16,000 and Aorta X-rays which can cost up to $9,200. More common X-rays for bones and joints costs under a couple hundred dollars.

Santa Fe MRI costs can also vary from procedure to procedure. While the average MRI in Santa Fe costs around $780, their range isn’t as varied as the X-rays. Arm, foot, shoulder, hand MRIs start at $350 and Breast MRIs go up to 2,000 for one breast.

These costs are estimates based on aggregate data from Santa Fe, but if you have specific questions regarding pricing for your procedures at out facility. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.