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Diagnostic Radiologists

Diagnostic Radiology Physicians

Diagnostic Radiologists look for disease in all parts of the body using medical imaging including: X-Ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. When an abnormality is detected the referring physician is contacted with the most likely cause of the condition. Diagnostic Radiologists also perform women’s imaging, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology and some interventional procedures. Below you’ll find our extensive team of Diagnostic Radiologists, each possessing the expert training and experience to offer the very best care.

Diagnostic Radiology Physicians

Shaya Ansari, M.D

Shelby J. Bennett, M.D.

Gregory N. Brooks, M.D.

Dr. Margarest Chaffey

Margaret Chaffey, M.D.

Dr Creel

Christopher J. Creel, M.D.

Roger Cronk, D.O., FACR

Lawrence Dautenhahn, M.D.


Mark H. Depper, M.D.

David John Fillmore, M.D.

Brigid M. Gerety, M.D.

Mark Edward Huser, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

Jimmy C. Leung, M.D.

Tiffany Lewis, D.O

Dr. Alexandrer LoRusso image

Alexander LoRusso, M.D.

Dr T MIller image

Anthony Miller, M.D.

Richard S. Nenoff, M.D., FACR

interventional radiology farmington - Dr Thomas

Thomas G. Tullius Jr, MD

Keith Winterkorn, M.D.


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