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Oncologic Surgeons Albuquerque, NM

It wasn’t all that long ago that surgery was the only known treatment for cancer.

It’s just during the last century that the world of Western Medicine has developed supplemental cancer therapies in addition to surgical solutions.  To this day, only surgical solutions can address almost all solid cancers.  Nonetheless, progress has been material.

Options for cancer patients have changed enormously in recent decades.  That brings us to the institution of the oncologic surgeon.

An oncologic surgeon leads an inter-disciplinary team, curating the deployment of treatments like molecular therapies, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  This is the modern standard of cancer treatment, with a surgical oncologist leading a team of professionals.

A Surgical Lead

Albuquerque Oncologic surgeons serve as surgical leads and organizers.  With a voluminous body of knowledge about the variety of therapies which can be be deployed for primary or secondary cancer, they focus on complex cases.

Certified by the Surgical Oncology Board and the American Board of Surgery, the oncologic surgeon brings highly specialized skill and compassionate team leadership to cancer patients.  This care includes maintaining precipitous standards for the procurement of tissue and banking specimens.

Murray Brennan of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York has defined 7 important areas of knowledge for oncologic surgeons:

  1. Understanding of etiology and genetic predisposition
  2. Understanding of the cancer’s natural history and prognostic factors
  3. Containment of treatment costs
  4. Full engagement in the development of clinical trials
  5. Ability to manage advanced disease
  6. Facility in patient support
  7. Effective outcome evaluation

Research and Education Leaders

Surgical oncologists aren’t confined to the operating theater.  They’re not only acting as leaders for patient support teams but driving research and educating patients and families about cancer care in universities and hospitals.

The importance of this aspect of the oncologic surgeon’s work is undeniable.  It’s this education and research which is evolving the delivery of cancer treatments and directly improving prognoses.

Often present in the earliest moments of diagnosis and testing, the oncologic surgeon is well-positioned to be a potent leader in community prevention and awareness education, early diagnosis and the inestimable value of screening.

As this specialized cancer care leadership role evolves and becomes a fixture in the clinical community, its mission becomes addressing cancer itself.  By spearheading research efforts and clinical trials, oncologic surgeons are discovering new frontiers in therapeutic approaches which improve cancer treatment and survival rates.

That adds incredible value for patients!

Oncologic Surgeons In Albuquerque

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