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Oncologic Breast Surgeons in Santa Fe

Surgery was the sole treatment for cancer for decades.

But Western Medicine has developed new cancer treatments, improving outcomes.  Only surgical solutions can effectively treat most solid cancers.  But progress is ongoing and continues to enhance prognoses.

That brings us to the role of oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe.

Oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe lead the use of treatments like molecular therapies, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  This is the preferred standard of cancer treatment, with oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe managing teams of cancer professionals.

Managing treatment

Oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe are both surgical leaders and project managers.  Commanding a massive wealth of knowledge about the range of strategies for treating primary or secondary cancer, complex cases are a specialty of oncologic breast surgeons.

Certified by the American Board of Surgery and the Surgical Oncology Board, oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe are dedicated specialists with superior knowledge, serving patients fighting cancer.  Care includes maintaining exceptionally high standards for tissue collection and banking.

Murray Brennan of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York has outlined 7 specific areas of expertise for oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe:

  1. Etiology and genetic predisposition
  2. Prognostic factors and natural history
  3. Treatment cost control
  4. Driving and engaging with clinical trials
  5. Treating advanced disease
  6. Pro-active patient support
  7. Outcome analysis

Leaders in research and education

Oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe aren’t restricted to the operating theater.  They’re not only working as project managers for patient treatment and care but educating patients and their families, driving research and leading education about cancer care in universities and hospitals.

Oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe are raising the bar with their leadership in these areas.  Research and education are crucial to evolving the delivery of therapies to treat cancer and are directly enhancing outcomes.

Present from the point of diagnosis, oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe are positioned to be leaders in the community, informing the public about prevention, early diagnosis and the value of screening.

As the influence of this oncology leadership role becomes a fixture in cancer care, its mission is becoming that of disease prevention leadership.  By driving research and clinical trials, oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe are creating new pathways to treatment, while improving life and outcomes for cancer patients

They’re game-changers in the realm of cancer care.

Oncologic breast surgeons in Santa Fe

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