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Meet Dr. Anna Voltura

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico is proud to introduce you to Dr. Anna Voltura.

Dr. Voltura has been a surgeon in northern New Mexico for more than 20 years.  Today, we’re fortunate to have her supporting our work here at XRANM.

Surgical Oncologist and Breast Cancer Specialist

Dr. Voltura is a surgical oncologist.  She’s undergone highly specialized cancer treatment training to perform in this role.  As part of her job, she can diagnose cancer via biopsy and treat it by removing tumors and affected tissue.

Another key facet of Dr. Voltura’s work with us is in the realm of breast cancer.  Her specialization in this area allows her to remove tumors and lymph nodes while retaining as much healthy tissue as possible.

Dr. Voltura’s breast cancer focus had led her to specialize in mastectomies which spare the breast nipple.  This alone improves cosmetic surgical outcomes following the procedure.


Receiving a medical degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, she received the Faculty Award for Excellence.

After achieving her degree, Dr. Voltura continued her training at John Hopkins University, receiving her Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship from that institution.


An important part of Dr. Voltura’s work is her passion for educating patients in breast care.  As a patient-centered surgeon, she’s always seeking optimum communication and exploiting opportunities to deliver superior care to her patients.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Voltura is actively present to New Mexico patients, due to her work with Community Boards, which includes the advisory board of the Breast and Cervical program and the Anita Salas Fund.

Dr. Voltura has served as an American Cancer Society Ambassador.

If one word defines Dr. Voltura, it’s “engagement”.  She knows that cancer can be beaten.  Her work and life are a testament to that passionately held belief.

Walking with Patients

Dr. Voltura’s patients are always struck by the approach she takes, fully explaining the process, surgical options and all aspects of their care.

With a dedicated staff working with her, Dr. Voltura is known as a compassionate surgeon who takes the journey with each patient, ensuring they’re fully engaged with their treatment.  She knows that journey isn’t easy.  By accompanying her patients, she eases the way toward healing and wellness.

When people are facing a life-changing circumstance like cancer, the quality of their care has much to do with the way surgeons interface with patients.

Diminishing the fear and anxiety which are part of being diagnosed with the disease, Dr. Voltura’s patient focus has resulted in her being recognized as a Compassionate Doctor by Vitals Patient’s Choice.  This honor is received by doctors who’ve been rated highly by their patients.  Included in the assessment is quality of care, with bedside manner and kindness figuring prominently.

Dr. Voltura at XRANM

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we’re grateful to have Dr. Voltura on our team.

For over 70 years, we’ve been bringing New Mexico patients the best in diagnostic imaging, at 6 locations throughout the state.

For superior care that centers patient need, contact us.