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Dr. Linda Smith in Albuquerque

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico is proud to introduce Dr. Linda Smith in Albuquerque.  Treating patients for more than 35 years, Dr. Smith dreamed of being a doctor as a child.  She now lives her dream, working with the team at XRANM

Dr. Smith was so intent on realizing her dream of becoming a doctor that she followed a pre-med curriculum in high school.  From there, she qualified for the 6-year medical program at Northwestern University in Illinois.

After completing her studies at Northwestern, Dr. Smith went on to complete a 5-year General Surgery Residency and a 1-year Burn and Trauma Fellowship at the University of New Mexico.

Entering private practice in 1984, Dr. Smith’s focus was on breast care.  But she wasn’t done with her academic achievement.  In 1990, she took on the sub-specialization of breast disorders.  Treating diseases of the breast is Dr. Smith’s passion and her practice is dedicated to this specialization.

Today, XRANM is proud to benefit from Dr. Smith’s profound expertise and knowledge.  She’s also a member of the American Board of Surgery, the American Society of Breast Surgeons and is a graduate of the City of Hope Genetics program.

Passion In Practice

While it’s acknowledged that it takes a significant dose of passion to become a doctor to begin with, Dr. Smith lives out her passion for treating diseases of the breast by developing her skills and knowledge to support genuinely 21st Century care for breast cancer patients.

Her passion extends to the City of Hope program for physicians, from which she graduated.  This organization is dedicated to finding new and effective ways to treat cancer through research and development.

The City of Hope actively develops new, groundbreaking treatments which are changing the game for cancer patients.

Genetics Are Key

Part of what City of Hope alumni address is the genetic basis for cancer.  In the instance of breast cancer, the genetic makeup of the early Spanish Conquistadors has had a significant impact on the breast health of millions of North American women.

The descendants of the Conquistadors in New Mexico, the Southwest USA and Mexico have a higher instance of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes – the genes linked to developing breast cancer.

This information allows doctors to test families with Spanish heritage, providing the opportunity for early identification of these genetic markers.  This in turn, allows for early breast cancer detection, radically increasing the prognosis for patients in effected populations.

Dr. Smith is one of New Mexico’s leading breast cancer and breast disease surgeons.  Her deep knowledge, high-level expertise and intense engagement with all forms of disorders of the breast have made her a patient favorite and a respected expert among colleagues.

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico

For over 70 years, XRANM has been delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to patients in New Mexico.  Often first movers with new technologies, we’ve raised the bar in the delivery of patient care and early detection.

Find Dr. Linda Smith in Albuquerque, one of our six facilities in the state.

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