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Albuquerque Breast Surgery – Xranm

No woman on earth wants to hear the words, “You have breast cancer”.  But Albuquerque breast surgery evolves continually.

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we’re in the vanguard, bringing patients an all-encompassing range of diagnostic services, as well as a variety of therapies, including breast reconstruction.

And today, women have much cause for hope in the growing influence of breast surgery oncology.  Let’s read on together about Albuquerque breast surgery and how it’s creating better outcomes for patients.

Advanced Breast Cancer Care

In recent decades, breast cancer patients have seen their options grow exponentially.  This brings us to the necessity for the surgical oncologist in breast surgery

A surgical oncologist heads a team of multi-disciplinarian cancer experts, implicating treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular therapies.  This is advanced breast cancer treatment, with a surgical oncologist curating therapeutic responses.

A Specialist In the Lead

Oncologic surgeons serve as leaders and organizers.  They deploy an enormous storehouse of knowledge about the methods involved in treating cancer, with a focus on complicated cases.

Certified by the Surgical Oncology Board and the American Board of Surgery, the surgical oncologist offers informed and compassionate team leadership.  The highly specialized skills offered bring patients a distinct advantage.

New York City’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Murray Brennan has pinpointed 7 distinct areas of knowledge for surgical oncology:

  1. Keen knowledge of genetic predisposition and etiology
  2. Natural history of the cancer and factors which may impact prognosis
  3. Treatment cost management
  4. Clinical trials – both engagement with and driving
  5. Expertise in managing advanced disease
  6. Patient support leadership
  7. Effective evaluation of outcomes

Making Change

Surgical oncologists aren’t just working in operating rooms.  They’re not only being leaders to surgical teams but driving research and delivering cancer care education in universities and hospitals.

The evolutionary aspect of the surgical oncologist’s role is enormous, leading education and research which is improving the quality of cancer care and enhancing outcomes.

Often involved in the earliest stages of diagnosis and testing, the surgical oncologist is there to increase community awareness, supporting and delivering cancer education by promoting early diagnosis and screening,

This specialized leadership role is growing in prominence, daily and becoming more of a fixture in the medical community.   And so, its mission has become addressing cancer itself.  By driving clinical trials and research efforts, surgical oncologists are exploring and revealing new approaches that improve cancer treatment and survival rates.

Albuquerque Breast Surgery

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico have been offering leading-edge radiology to New Mexico for more than 65 years.  At XRANM, we spearhead innovation in this state.

Individualized care is one of our practice’s values, combined with exceptional customer service and the highest quality imaging.

The teams at our 6 clinics in New Mexico provide a comprehensive range of radiological services, providing patients with the most up-to-the-minute technologies available.

Contact us about Albuquerque breast surgery.  XRANM offers New Mexico advanced radiology and compassionate care that centers the patient.  That’s why we lead.

Discover the top resource for Albuquerque breast surgery at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico.