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Santa Fe Breast Surgeon

A breast cancer diagnosis can be frightening.  The uncertainty that comes with any cancer diagnosis can fill patients with anxiety.

But at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we offer patients a 360-degree resource, which takes you from diagnostic imaging through the full range of clinical services to treat breast cancer.

We take the journey with you, ensuring you receive the best possible care.  From diagnosis through recovery, XRANM is there every step of the way.  We’re the Santa Fe breast surgeon that brings you a wide range of services, from biopsy to reconstruction.

Know your options

A breast cancer diagnosis, frightening as it is, demands that patients be as involved and educated about the condition as possible.

We know there’s an overwhelming amount of information coming at you, once you’ve been diagnosed.  You’ll be asked to make choices about treatment and these choices are crucial, having an impact on how the rest of your life will be lived.

At XRANM, we understand it’s a lot to take in, so we ensure that you’ve got the information you need to make the right decisions.  Our mission is your healing, so we make sure you know your options, partnering with you for your wellbeing.

Santa Fe breast surgeon

Your Santa Fe breast surgeon is a prime source of information.  Because you want all the facts, your surgeon will recommend reputable points of information, so you don’t need to waste your time searching.  We help you eliminate the noise you don’t need to hear.

Our forthright, compassionate approach acknowledges that some patients prefer the big picture over details, so we work with you to find the sweet spot and inform you appropriately, welcoming the many questions you’re bound to have.

A full suite of services

Our full suite of services includes a range of biopsies, including core, sentinel node, skin and lymph node.  We also offer ultrasound on-site, as well as cyst and fine needle aspiration.

Treatments at XRANM include radiation and mastectomy, as well as immediate breast reconstruction and breast conservation.  Plastic surgery is also available at our facility.

In addition, we offer both genetic and genomic testing services.

And once you’ve gone on your therapeutic journey with XRANM’s Santa Fe breast surgeon, we follow up with you for the long term.

High-risk evaluations and second opinion consultations are part of our suite of services, offering our patients a superior resource for waging war on breast cancer.

Patient-centered compassion

Our patients come to us expecting the best professional care and that’s our mission.  But our patient-centered care keeps your total wellbeing in mind.  You’re a whole person – not just a clinical problem to be solved.

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we provide breast cancer patients with a therapeutic support system which educates, consults, treats and guides.  Breast cancer isn’t a journey into the unknown, with our professionals on your side.  We offer consultative care, informed by compassion.

Your Santa Fe breast surgeon is ready to take the journey with you to a cancer-free future.  Contact us to find out more.