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Breast Surgeon in Santa Fe

There’s nothing more frightening than a breast cancer diagnosis.  Such a diagnosis invariably comes with anxiety and uncertainty.

But at X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we’re a comprehensive patient resource, shepherding you from diagnostic imaging through all services to treat breast cancer.

We come with you on your journey, ensuring you get the best outcome possible.  Right through recovery, XRANM is there, walking toward healing with you. Seeing a breast surgeon in Santa Fe is just one part of the journey, from biopsy to reconstruction and recovery.

Making Informed Choices

As scary as a breast cancer diagnosis is, it calls patients be as engaged and knowledgeable about their choices as possible.

There’s a bewildering surfeit of information coming at you after diagnosis.  You’ll be asked to take decisions about treatment and those decisions are pivotal, defining how you’ll live the rest of your life.

At XRANM, we understand that accepting a breast cancer diagnosis isn’t easy, so we make sure you’ve got all the information you’ll need to make informed choices.  Our goal is your recovery and healing, so we ensure that you’re aware of all the options and that you’re getting the best care.

Breast Surgeon In Santa Fe

Your breast surgeon in Santa Fe is a great source of information.  Because you need the most accurate information possible, your surgeon will direct you to only the most trustworthy sources.  You won’t need to waste your time hunting.  We help you cut the static, so you get only the truth.

Our patient-centered approach honors the fact that some patients want an overview (not details).  We work with you to offer only crucial information and to provide what’s needed, while answering all the questions we know you’ll have, as the we move forward.

360-Degree Services

Our 360-degree services include a range of biopsies, including skin, core and lymph and sentinel nodes.  XRANM offers on-site ultrasound, as well as cyst and fine needle aspiration.

Therapies at XRANM encompass radiation and mastectomy, as well as breast reconstruction and conservation.  We also perform plastic surgery at our clinic.

Both genetic and genomic testing are available at XRANM.

Once you’ve completed your therapeutic journey and it’s all behind you, we continue with follow up, ensuring that treatment has been successful.

High-risk evaluations and second opinion consultations are part of what we do here, offering our patients an outstanding resource for winning the war on breast cancer.

Compassionate.  Patient-Centered.

Our patients expect the best breast cancer care and that’s our mission.  XRANM’s compassionate care has your overall wellbeing in mind.  You’re not just a medical problem to be solved, at XRANM.  You’re a whole person and your health is paramount.

At X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, we provide our patients with a support system which educates, consults, treats and guides.  You’re not battling breast cancer alone in a sterile labyrinth, with our dedicated professionals by your side.

Our breast cancer care centers you and your needs.

Your breast surgeon in Santa Fe is just one part of XRANM’s comprehensive care.  Contact us.